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Are you an independent filmmaker and do you want to see your film on big screen? There are two competition categories this year:

  • Best film: original film with no length or theme limitation.
  • 13-second film: a film cracker, theme is optional (but we prefer films with humour and point in it). The film must be exact 13 seconds long (opening and final credits do not count and must be with no image in the background).

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Note! Deadline for film registration is 4 March 2017! All films sent after this date will be considered for the next year’s program.


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** Competition is open to Slovak and Czech submissions only.

Winners of PAFF 2016

Best film:

1-st place: Petrisko Matusek – How to Grow a Perfect Beard (122 hlasov)
2-nd place: Martin Zvonár – Ruská ruleta (73 hlasov)
3-rd place: Stoned Cocks – Wired (72 hlasov)

12-second film:

1-st place: Henrich H. Hujbert, Peter Čermák – Sedlákova smrc (152 hlasov)
2-nd place: Stoned Cocks – Vychádzka (146 hlasov)
3-rd place: Martin “SULE” Schulte – Podržtaška (51 hlasov)