What are films at PAFF like?

Experienced PAFF fans already know what sorts of films they can expect in the screening room, we let them help us create the festival by listening to their helpful comments during and after the festival. PAFF programmer Kubo says nothing is easier than becoming a PAFF fan, it works like a zombie bite. In our town Pezinok, the PAFF virus is transmitted through the air :) So if you want to send a film or come for the first time, here are a few tips.

What do you think people like about PAFF?

Film selection and family atmosphere. It is not just a screening of alternative, low-budget or student films. We want to show quality films. And at the same time, every year it is a unique reunion of PAFF fans.

How has the festival changed throughout the years?

Its program structure has changed a lot. We moved on from sci-fi, fantasy and horror preference. Now we play mainly comedy, parody and various weird anomalies that are produced within the world of alternative film. But in general we do not set boundaries in terms of genre. We go for films that are entertaining and enjoyable.

What are films at PAFF like?

Is there enough films for selection?

Well, it becomes harder every year to put a quality program together consisted of just independent amateur films. That is why we started to screen student films and no-budget films, made entirely by professionals, as well, whilst the most important remains to show the films, that you would not have a chance to see at the cinema, in social media etc. We hope you can watch them for the first time at PAFF.

What was your favourite film at PAFF?

I best remember the last two years, the remarkable Fetman by the group Stoned Cocks, which has become a legend here. Or a beautiful bizarre short film Croissant by the British filmmaker Louis Hudson. Or an American documentary The owl man. But the all time best and the most epic film screened at PAFF is by far the Socialist Zombie Slaughter made by our locals. Going further back in my memories, I recall a short animation called Kiosk by Lukas Hudec.

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(copywriting: Katka, photo: PAFF)