Year: 2017

What are films at PAFF like?

Experienced PAFF fans already know what sorts of films they can expect in the screening room, we let them help us create the festival by listening to their helpful comments during and after the festival. PAFF programmer Kubo says nothing is easier than becoming a PAFF fan, it works like a zombie bite. In our town Pezinok, the PAFF virus… Read more →

What’s new at PAFF?

Festival PAFF will take place at the cultural centre in Pezinok on 17 and 18 March 2017. All alternative film lovers & maniacs be ready! During the two days we will introduce the newest and freshest films made by local and international filmmakers. Film screenings will be accompanied by various events, such as workshops, art competition and exhibition, concerts etc. As usually,… Read more →